Survey Results

How Much Time do SalesPeople Take of your Day?         

The Results are in!

These are the results of a survey we have been conducting (from June 09 to Sept 09) of purchasers, office managers and decision makers across many different industries.  Feel free to continue the survey results by adding your own story to the survey form at the bottom of this page.  We will continue to update the results of this ongoing survey. 

The purpose of this survey was to quantify how much time salespeople used up of a business' day and what decision makers actually thought of the sales call.

Here are the unadultered results directly from Google Docs. Enjoy!





7. Best Response from a Purchasing Manager to Funniest/Nightmarish Sales Story

"After 31 years there've been quite a few. Maybe its the one where I took our out-of-town rep and his manager (who I'd not met) to our mfg facility about an hour from my office, and the manager asked one of the ladies in Inventory if the pictures of children on her desk were her grandchildren (they were her kids) and then he fell asleep, snoring in my car on the drive back. I understand he was let go a few weeks later due to a drinking problem."

8. Essence of the Survey:
  1. Businesses love it when the Salesperson is a valuable resource for their business.
  2. Businesses see a need for Salespeople because of the introduction to new innovations, market trends, and keeping track with competitors. 
  3. Businesses do not enjoy their time wasted or being interrupted by salespeople who have not done their homework creating value for the business.
9. You can add your story to the results! Take the Survey Here (Google)

Who we are:

This blog is dedicated to help businesses increase productivity, decrease expenses and increase cash flow.

At ConnectionForce, we have created the very first online sales filter to allow you to pre-screen potential vendors before you agree to a meet with them.

Our goal is to totally eradicate Cold Calling as a sales technique within the next 5 years. (2015)

We are committed to making office managers and purchasers jobs easier by making sales people better. 

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