Make Your Sales Force More Efficient with ConnectionForce!

make your sales force more efficient with ConnectionForce!

Is This You?

Are you tired of walking in to an office only to be greeted by a busy and irritable office manager who has no time, nor interest in your product or service? Do you feel like you could save time for prospects by just throwing your own brochures in the garbage?

Do yourself a favor, sign up with ConnectionForce today! You will only meet with prospects who have an interest in your product or service, increasing the productivity of every sales call.

With ConnectionForce You Will...

  • Speak to the decision maker directly. When you submit an Appointment Request, it goes directly to a decision maker or office manager, not to the receptionist or switchboard operator.
  • Ensure that your prospect is receiving good, and correct information Your prospect receives information about your offering, which you have written, via email, allowing you to communicate your product information without time constraints and pressure to get out of the way.
  • Reduce sales competition and stand out from the crowd. Allowing your prospect to review your sales information on their own terms builds trust and shows the prospect that you respect their time and want to build a lasting relationship.

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Office managers and professionals...

If you are tired of unsolicited sales calls and want to do something about it then this is for you.

Salespeople and sales professionals...

Looking for a better way to connect with decision makers?  Check out our SalesPro package here.

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